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Realizing a decades-old vision, the TOURISM 1 platform is the consumer-focused core of the TOURISM SOLUTIONS environment, integrating a range of independent resources such as TOURISM NORTH AMERICA, TOURISM SOUTH AMERICA, TOURISM WESTERN EUROPE and our TRANSCANADA TOURISM network.
The designs are consistent, direct, relevant, comprehensive and reliable, with a dynamic, mobile-responsive user interface that uses colors and large fonts, all supported with a regularly-refreshed selection of relevant images, animations and video.

More than anyone else - ever - we provide clean, uncluttered connections to local experts and operators.  It's a whole new level of choice, with a familiar feeling across all sites.

Our consumer-focused approach is driven by inspiration and motivation: the WHAT, WHERE, WHO and especially WHY of travel.  The HOW of travel has become an intensely competitive activity, with tourism products sold as commodities for substantial commissions by multi-billion dollar booking robots and meta-search engines that dominate the global marketplace.  

Fortunately, with the efficient directory tools provided by our TOURISM 1 network of sites, preparation can still be an enjoyable and convenient part of the adventure – users just might discover a unique experience, connect, and book directly and actually save money!

In addition to our many feature location branded sites under development, the TOURISM 1 platform itself will also be expanded dramatically over the next 2 years.  Current (optimistic!) plans are to add up to 50 custom destination site-pages each month, each a dynamic mini-portfolio of key experts and resources for a wide range of cities, states and countries.  The goal is to grow this platform to over 7,000 major jurisdictions (which will obviously require more than just one person developing it!).  

We've invested a lot over the past five years to develop and preserve the TOURISM SOLUTIONS configuration of 300+ brands for the direct benefit of real users and destinations in the real world; speculators would market this collection - undeveloped - for $US 600,000 or more.

Here's a preview of the T1 format...and one of our exciting new tools, T1 VIDEOS.

We stress consistency, integrity and independence.  Unrestricted by obligations to external organizations or geopolitical boundary limitations, we're able to include anything that might be of value to users.  In all sites we avoid the distractions of random syndicated advertising, disguised affiliate links and intrusive sales funnels.  

The modest revenues of TOURISM SOLUTIONS sites are derived explicitly from services we provide and are not commission-based (except for a nominal incremental stream on T1 BOOKING for the optional service we recommend)...keeping everyone's costs down and our principles clear. 

International soft-launch is planned for mid-2019 (this is a spare-time project on a minimal budget) ... See below for key elements in that roll-out.  

Organizations everywhere should check out our advance participation options - it's just pennies a day to enjoy an enhanced role in this adventure...please note that placement order on a selected site page is first-come, first-served and any 2018 placements will run through to the end of 2019!

In 2020, presuming that the consumer access phase is well-received, we'll have time and financial resources to open up our super-exciting industry-support Tourism Solutions programs to help marketing organizations and destination operators advance and collaborate, both in North America and hopefully beyond.

                            Keith Baldwin (Sooke, BC

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